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Fiber Optics by Fibersystem | fiber.se

When data speed is what you need

Lightfast travelling, minimal delay, long distance, no leakage, safe and secure.

It’s all in one package.

Your choice is Fiber Optics!



Single-mode fiber optic cables transfer a solo wavelength of light and employ lasers as a source of light. These cables are particularly used in long-distance telecom apps by tv and phone companies. They are considerably smaller than the multimode ones.

 Pros: quicker, high integrity
Cons: more costly to make and operate


 These cables have heavier diameters compared to single-mode cables as they have fibers of different breadth. They allow the cable to transfer light of many wavelengths. As they do not need light of a particular wavelength, they are capable of using a light-emitting diode as a source of light.

Pros: affordable to install and operate
Cons: limitations in distance and speed


Industry and Substation

Substation Automation
Multifunction meters, digtal relays and controllers etc.

Manufacturing and process automation
Automatic control a process such as chemical, oil refineries, paper and pulp factories.

Rail traffic control
Large number of signal points spread along the track.

Medical Communication
Remote surgery to mobile apps that help patients live healthier lives  

Defense and Security

The worlds Armed Forces and Defence industry of today is extremely complex, based on state-of-the art technology and highly challenging environments. Adding Security aspects formed by todays world and diverse threats, increase this complexity with another dimension.


Professional Audio and Video

Control rooms are normally tightly secured and accessible only to authorized personnel. Typically multiple displays, wall displays and control panels are used. KVM (Keyboard Video and Mouse) links enable servers to be placed in a separate room. Fiber Optic communication is used to ensure bandwidth, reach and integrity of the signalling.



Telecom operators and service providers face challenges in handling the a rapid development of communication technology. The protocols and the demand for higher bandwidth change in order to support more functionality and higher quality.